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The EVA pilots had just finished their synch tests and Asuka Langley Sohryu wasnt happy about the results. The redhead glared over at Rei Ayanami. The blue-haired and seemingly emotionless girl sorted through her locker across from her, the two of them having retired to the locker room at NERV headquarters. Despite (or perhaps because of) her level-headed and unflinching nature, Rei had scored much higher than Asuka on the tests. This isnt fair. How can she do better than me when shes nothing but a walking sex doll? Asuka muttered to herself. Her scowl started to scan over Reis body. She really did remind her of a sex doll. Not just because of her unchanging expression; she also had the curves for it. Her cute face, big squeezable tits and tight but jiggly ass started to stir up some arousal amidst Asukas bitterness. Im not going to let little "Miss Perfect" get away with this, Asuka decided, turning to face Rei. She still had her back turned as she went through her locker, allowing the grinning redhead to sneak up behind her. Hey there, Blue! she greeted in an overly familiar and cheery tone. She grabbed Rei in a firm hug, pressing her hips and tits against her fellow pilots back. Their plugsuits were meant to be thin and skintight while still protective, making their physical contact feel like it was practically skin to skin. Rei gasped softly as Asuka ground her groin against Reis juicy ass. Hhello, Pilot Sohryu, Rei replied. She spoke in her usual soft tone, but it faltered at Asukas overly familiar approach. It just told the foreign pilot that it was working as planned. Theres no need to be so formal, dummy, Asuka scolded as she ran her hands slowly over Reis body. She felt the level-headed pilot squirm beneath her touch as she caressed over her thighs, hips and belly. By the time she reached Reis big, plump tits, she gave them a squeeze and felt her nipples were already rock hard. She could even pick them up through the sheer fabric of her white plugsuit. Oh! So you DO like me playing with you. You really are such a slutty sex doll, Rei! Asuka teased her close to her ear. Y-yes.....ahhhh....ahhhh....Pilot Sohryu! Rei panted meekly. Asuka rolled her eyes as even when she was clearly getting horny, Rei tried to remain stiff and formal. Still, she smirked as she felt she saw a perfect opportunity. Well, I'll tell you what, Miss Perfect. Let's sex-wrestle to see who's the best female pilot around here. No tests, no mechs, just woman to woman. Then the winner gets to be the Mistress while the loser has to serve as the submissive love slave. Deal? Rei moaned and writhed in Asukas groping grasp. It already felt like she knew where she was going to end up either way. Not that Asuka minded at all. YesI will engage in thisactivity with youPilot Sohryu. Rei said. Good dolly. Asuka said. Asuka slapped her on the ass, making Reis cheeks jiggle through her suit. She turned in surprise as Asuka let her go and smirked at her confidently. But if were doing this, at least call me Asuka. Asuka said. Very wellAsuka. Rei said.The obedient pilot met Asukas eyes and they both leaned into their embrace. Their breasts mashed together as they locked lips in a passionate kiss, quick to open their mouths and wrap their tongues around each others. They moaned down each others throats as their hands started to roam across their suits, rubbing over their chests and hips before both tightly grasped the other girls ass. What began as simple groping and kissing turned more competitive. Asuka aggressively shoved her tongue deeper into Reis mouth, using the leverage to push the more submissive pilot back against the lockers. She grabbed and pinned Reis wrists against the steel and smiled around her dominating kiss. I knew youd be weak outside your EVA, Asuka gloated. She humped her hips into Reis, ramming her pussy into hers with the dull crash of the blue-haired girls ass hitting the lockers. Rei moaned in blatant arousal, but she wrapped her legs around Asukas and pushed back into her. It tripped up the horny redhead and sent them both tumbling to the locker room floor with Rei on top. This is what you wanted, isnt it? Rei asked, a rare hint of mockery to her tone. She pinned Asukas arms with her own and leaned deeper into her, mashing her big, white-clad breasts into the German girls face. Asuka gasped and let out a muffled moan as Rei shook her shoulders, slapping her meaty tits around in a mocking motorboat. Asuka slapped and groped at Rei, not ready to lose this quickly. She managed to lift one of Reis thick thighs and plant her hand against her pussy, making the top pilot gasp and freeze up. It was all the opening Asuka needed to push up and tip her off of her, bringing them both to their knees.You wont beat me that easy, slut, Asuka hissed as she lunged at her rival. She wrapped her arms around Reis and squeezed tightly, crushing her in a vicious bear hug. Rei gave a shrill wail as her body was lightly crushed, but more importantly her tits were forced into Asukas. The groping and kissing had her nipples hard and sensitive as Asuka bounced and squeezed her in her grasp, mashing her smaller tits into her rivals sweet spots as best she could. Asukaohhhh. Please, stop Rei gasped out. Whats the matter? Cant take it? Too bad for you I always loved breaking my dolls! Asuka gloated right back. She shook Rei in her grip, letting them grind as she flopped around like a rag doll. The seemingly defeated pilot suddenly leaned in and caught Asuka in another kiss. Her arms were pinned to her sides, but she was able to angle herself to where her hand could reach Asukas pussy. She rubbed and fingered at the tightly-wrapped crotch, able to pick up the heat and moisture beneath the clingy material. Asuka moaned as her grip loosened without her even realizing it. Youre the one who started all of this, Rei reminded her, the lust adding more emotion than she was used to in her voice. I think youre the perverted one here. Rei added.Rei grabbed Asuka by the arm and shoved her to the floor, this time planting her face-first into the tile. The redhead grunted as Rei sat on her back, keeping her stuck there with Asukas round ass thrust up into the air. It was a perfect position for Rei to spank it sharply, keeping them coming as the redhead shrieked beneath her. Her rival would stop now and then to rub between her legs from behind, just to ensure it was working before picking up on more spanking, Oh shit! Fuuuuck, Rei! Get off! Mmm~! Asuka said. Asuka tried to protest and fight back, despite how hot it felt being humiliated by her rival. To make things even hotter, Rei started to grope along her body until she found the release button on Asukas suit. She pressed it and with a soft hiss, Asukas red garb fell away and drooped to the floor, leaving her naked beneath her foe. H-hey! Careful with that! Asuka warned, but Rei had already begun to shove two fingers into her pussy. The redhead gasped and tensed up as she started fingering her wet slit. I hope you enjoy being my slave, Rei warned with a soft chuckle. Asuka shook her head, tossing around her wild red hair before she jerked herself to one side. She tossed Rei off, making her land clumsily with her back against a nearby wall. Asuka rose and kicked out of her plugsuit. If she was going to be naked, she might as well not have her loose suit dragging her down. You think youre so hot with all your fat curves? Asuka demanded. Well lets see how you like mine, up close and personal! Asuka added She turned away from the sitting Rei and shoved her butt backward. Her naked ass smothered over the blue-haired girls face, making her eyes go wide as Asuka twerked it all over her nose and mouth. She moaned and slapped at the cheeks already red from her earlier paddling, but she couldnt bring herself to make it stop. Her eyes rolled and her tongue lolled out past her lips, weakly licking at Asukas thighs and wet pussy. Asuka moaned along with her as she ground her butt more firmly against her. She reached down between her legs, mimicking Reis move from earlier as she hit the release button on the white plugsuit. With a few pulls, both competing pilots were left naked as could be. Rei finally managed to push Asuka away, both of them horny and breathless from their dirty wrestling. Rei meekly rubbed at her pussy for a moment before she planted her hands on the floor, spreading out her legs. Asukas eyes went right to the invitingly wet and open pussy. If you think youre the Domme here, why not prove it? Rei offered. Pussy to pussy for the win. Rei added. Oh bring it on, Asuka smiled as she stepped up to her. She sat in front of Rei, interlocking their legs until their pussies embraced. They both moaned as they started to grind their hips, holding each others shoulders as they pulled themselves into a kiss. Their embracing bodies sighed and humped as they quickly became consumed by their competitive sexuality, obsessing with making the other cum before they could lose control of their urges. Their pussy lips grappled with one another as they stroked their breasts and backs, encouraging their labias to open and slam clit to clit with one another. Asuka humped much more aggressively while Rei took her time, making calmer and more precise strokes despite her heated moans. Slowly the tide started to turn. Asukas eagerness to win and compete were getting the best of her as she felt her body shiver and an orgasm felt imminent. She pulled back with a gasp, just to suddenly push Rei onto her back. The blue-haired pilot looked momentarily surprised before Asuka shifted positions, sitting on Reis face while burying her lips into her rivals pussy. Lets see you keep up with this position, Asuka purred as she ran her tongue inside Reis pussy. The meeker pilot gasped and shivered but returned the favor, licking and eating out her rivals twat. They moaned at the taste of the hot pussy, their juices mixed together in their tribbing to add to the flavor. They both ate with all the strength they had left in them, but they were so horny and exhausted they couldnt hold out for long. Asuka squeezed Reis legs to try and control herself, remaining in the contest just long enough to hear Rei break into a heated howl. She humped her thick hips into Asukas face, cumming all over her mouth and tongue as she lost at last. There it is! she gasped, a bit relieved as much as she was proud. She pulled her head back, licking the cum from her lips before spanking Reis tender pussy. She cried out and squirmed beneath her while still meekly worshiping her new mistress clit. I knew I had you beat! Now come on. Time to serve your Mistress. Asuka said. Rei nodded meekly as she caressed Asukas naked ass. Yes, Mistress Asuka, she replied in a weak and lusty tone.

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